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Posted by FreedomMagnum - 11 days ago

There's no...such thing...as MAGIC!!!

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 weeks ago

I can do an earth thing,

Infact, I'm kinda prohibited to doing one

until I can break orbit. I can play all ya want ...

When I'm finished.

What? What about my humanity? Oh, I'm not worried,

I got Fenix, I'm good.


It's kinda hard when I have to fight, when I'd rather relax...>.>

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 weeks ago

Not too much with a heavy heart to say this, cuz I just got the gold upgrade.(really hard to feel bad, with such a high statin this department)

Anywho, the bastard started lining up more laser, cuz it had the limbs to fire them all. It's not like I was in trouble or anything, but I DID have alot of hp and sp remaining. But anyway, right as it lined the shots up, she interfered, not only interrupting the trajectory of the laser focus, but disconnecting herself from the horde in the process. Ultimately,  she died, and Legion devolved back to its wreckless first phase.


And with one final stomp, Falanx took care of the insipid beast, as the limbs struggling under the crushing weight of the already deadbeating mass kept reaching for anything as the final moments in its death tell it to cling to life.


I sat for a moment.  Staring at her lifeless body, wondering what she was thinking.  She probably wanted to die... Who knows what went down in her life prior to these events. Normally, we become martyrs for a variety of reasons.  Some of us for revenge.  Some of us dont want the memories of our "prior" lives. Some of us really join S.I.R.E.N  to make a difference. Or like me, a combination of that and when you learn the truth, your humanity slips off of you like a slut in a silk nightie. And amongst humans, there would be no "place" to exist...


Welp, her sacrifice was not in vain.  I'll stick around a little while longer, just to see what happens before I command the next space time warp.


Posted by FreedomMagnum - 1 month ago

And in other news the G.O.D. birthrate and sightings has seemed to increase. The dreamers are here. (How cute!!!! @@@@@@.@@@@@@XD Fl)

I dont member the specifics right now, I'll have to get back to you guys.

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 1 month ago

The new ninjas based council is turning beach city into beo city. Smart on the advancement, but will bring it's own problems (plus, IM here so, shhh ;) um. Yeah.



Posted by FreedomMagnum - 1 month ago

Two boss fights.


MKII: Greed's psychic distraction

NS 5: Legion vs Naughtaisle




Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 18th, 2018

Fuck this 

Fuck the unholy, bleeding as hell right in and out of it

When I'm finished, there will be nothing left to help identify

This corpse, or this town

Infact, fuck this town

You won't see this coming 

Funny thing is, it aint a sneak attack

Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 10th, 2018

LOL, bubble guts...




Anywho, seems like MKUltra II is a thing and still going, NanoSymphony is getting a origins "makeover", and GTW III is getting ANOTHER cosign for another chapter. A couple of other elemtents from Lunar Seed (which, I dont like personally mixing all the shit, BTW, cuz I feel like it's overwhelming the already clueless people) jumble the shit outta this shit.

But to be honest, there's one thing missing...


I used to be proud, I used ta be excited. I used to get glad to fuck this shit up, it was my pleasure. Along the surrealness there was also the realization of it. I knew it as "The horizon of the frontier". I guess with so much of my "bucket list" already complete it's kinda difficult to self motivate trying to do the same thing over again when I've already proven excellence to the most important person in the world: myself. Another thing is finding out that I'm not as infinite as "I was instructed "to be and my time and power are limited. Yeah, the world saw it, but that wasn't what mattered when the bullshit went down. I guess "over-thinking" about it can be the only thing to really "ruin" it for me at this point. But altruistically thinking about it , it can only get easier doing the same thing again and again, right??

I try to leave all the mushy shit out, but then, where does that leave room for me to be myself, even if I am doing all this shit for someone else??...

I guess I'll just charge, and get right into it...or "back" to it...Iono, fuck it...


Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 28th, 2018

I could feel the NanoCells operating inside every part of my whole body while still asleep. It hurt a little bit, but, if you had a NanoCore grafted to your spine, you'd feel it too. I could hear my Saturn whirring and clicking as the sedatives wore off, and the doctor's voice became more clear into focus.


NanoSurgeon: "...--ital signs are reading regula--... 's seems to be coming--... Xero xero eight, please respond."


Dizzy Magnum: "...So, I'm your eighth attempt at this?"


NanoSurgeon: "Well, to be fair your the first successfully operational Junction operator, we should call you Xero Xero one. But, you have much greater importance at this time of need. How do you feel?"


DM: "How do I feel varies from what I can feel. But I feel like I got punched by Superman off of earth, into a meteor, broke the meteor, got smashed by the moon, sent crashing back down to earth, flung through 5 skyscrapers, broke every bone in my body when I landed, then got hit by a semi, and while flying through the air, took a bunch of sleeping pills and washed em down with bourbon."


NS: "Good, the pain receptors are still intact. Give the NanoMachines a second. Then, we'll conduct a field test."




Doc was right. All that pain hitting me at once was vanishing, like it was never there. The headache, the muscle tension,  the back pain, all gone like nothing was wrong at all! WITHIN SECONDS!!! I was astonished, NanoCells are the SHIT!!! 




NS: "Alright Dizzy, we've clearly confirmed that your cognitive functions are operating properly. Now, let's see if you can maneuver and maintain sustainability. Can you walk? Explain to me everything youre experiencing at this very moment simultaneously, if you could please."



I got up off of the operating table to feel my new body. Weird, never pictured myself saying this.



DM: "Oh, I get it. Yeah, there's targeting reticles everywhere I focus. I feel the NanoMachines operating inside of me. I feel every bit of data being transferred from their receptors, to the core, and throught them back to me. I can feel the motion inside the air and the earth. I can read your heart beats like a monitor, I can see your skeleton, I can see your brain activity.  I can also feel your emotions, and read your expressions."  


NS: "Incredible. Excellent. Let's walk back to the lab, we have a few final tests to run before I explain the junction system you're utilizing And...I have a proposition for you, dear forerunner "

Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 18th, 2018

We went into hyperdrive, and somehow got thrown into a time loop because when I awoke, I was in the tube again...Kinda like weapon X, except I had recollection of Mikey's jump, and across from me was Legion's experimental containment tube. I remember last time, this was supposed to be the part where I snap, but I didnt. A few things were... "different".


Short and sweet,  after all of the fighting stopped and the place was gonna blow(again) Data sent a proximity warning. I put my hand on Mikey's shoulder.

Freedom: "Hey, let's get the fuck out of he--"

He shoves my hand away

Mikey: "No, YOU get out of here!"

Freedom: "WTF?? I came all this way Just to get you. This ain' Captain America, dont Bucky m--"

Mikey: "I've already chose my side..."

I recognized the look he was giving the alter countess as she lay there, trembling. I knew what he meant. I stopped for a 

Second, then started hauling ass. Funny, even in an alternate realm I took the peaceful way out, and came to the same result as the other place. As Im making my way up the exploding corridor there was a room eminating with a bright green glow. As I ran past the entrance to the room I found where that light was coming from. It was the containment tube. It was hers...





I froze. My new BlueHeart stirred. I almost instinctively took a step forward to go break her out but then I remembered all the "pain" I caused the "other" one and stopped mid-stride. Another giant explosion rumbled the ground deep beneath us as my PsyLink is filled with Data yelling at me to get out of here...

She was resting so peacefully... Or chemically induced at this point...

It was difficult, but, I slowly turned, hoping she would wake on her own but, to no avail...


I stepped out of the corridor, and proceeded to follow the remains of disfigured limbs and the blood trail out to the lobby, and used Blitz to break the elevator and shoot to the top floor, as I got out to the roof where he U.S.S. Yggdrasil was waiting. I jumped exhausted, panicked and confused,  yet still somewhere in the back of my mind, safe.

Digit: Commander, are you okay?? What happened down there??

Freedom: I'm alright. But... Legion escaped...