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FreedomMagnum's News

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 weeks ago

But SF's biggest asset is the Lazer...

DF wont land, fighting Chronos...

Hitting him isnt too much a problem,

Skar the Sky cant seem to crush him, and he doesnt look the least bit phased or tired...

I cant imagine what other spells are in his repertoire, or tech tree(s)...

Reality Breaker helps me see him when he uses Overdrive...

I still haven't equipped Epyon's core...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 weeks ago

Well soon see...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 weeks ago


I couldn't do anything but smirk,

As I remember that hes right. It's so insane to witness, even crazier to know.

Everything I thought I was creating is already part of his book...

Now, for the seven pillars to come down...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 18th, 2019

Im here. I've finally learned how to harness my space magicka.

Justice: FREEDO--!!

I cut him off, and dragged him to a vacant alleyway.

Freedom: Good to see ya, but listen, no one can know I'm here. Do they still do the nano sweeps?

Justice: I think they stopped.

F: Gimme a sit rep!

J: Zeus and Hades have formed an alliance to not only keep a tie on this garbage bag, but even some of the humans turned traitors to their own kind.

F: That means any interaction can set off a remote detonation (like I suspected) So they've taken over S.I.R.E.N. .And the other Gears?

J: Of course we left... what are you plotting?

F: Crushing S.I.R.E.N. .I got your back, come with me. We can figure out what were gonna do on the way, and discuss what I've got planned behind closed doors...


Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 11th, 2019

And just as soon as I finished saying yes with a slap on my shoulder she proclaims "Tag, you're it!" and takes off down the hall as fast as she could. Something about this instantaneous game excited me immediately. But, I have the home field advantage. "This'll be over soon" I thought to myself, as I watched as she raced, her black dress flowing behind her as she got to the end of the hallway, and swung to the right, laughing hysterically. I waited for a few seconds, then i started walking faster, then I started jogging as I bumped into one of our kitchen hands.

Chef Lloyd: "Leo-Fred! Come with me, I need your help!"

Leo-Fred: "I cant, I'm busy entertaining the ex dutchess hand!"

CF: "What do you think is going to happen when the Countess finds out Donavan quit???"

Lf: "...!"

Donavan is the head chef. He plots out all the Countess' dinners, balls, galas, expos, get togethers and such. But, if he did quit, I couldn't blame him between the Countess' aimless insults, the under pay and overwork I'd leave too. I find out he just needs a dishwasher for a couple of minutes,

The whole time I'm washing dishes I'm meanwhile in my head I'm freaking out, hoping Jessie didnt get caught and go spilling the beans. A whole twenty minutes pass before Lloyd finally relieves me, and I take off to the last place I saw her, towards the backdoor. So immediately thought shes in the maze.

It's easy for me, the trick to the maze was staying linear to the entrance. I hopped along the side, looking into every dip and passage I figured she could hide. Nothin.

So then I ran back to the pool house and searched everywhere.


I went to the stables, nothin.

I started getting nervous. I went back into the house to check anywhere else.

I first went to check the ballroom. I even check under the tables, nothin. I know she couldn't be in the game room (High profile lords gamble here) she needed security access for that one. I went to check the ballroom, as I can see people still dancing and conversing as it approaches 1 am. Still nothing!.

There wasn't a place she could've hid that I didnt check except for..

I wondered... Could she be??

I raced from making jokes in the ballroom upstairs to the on place I haven't looked, my bedroom. Expecting her to be there , I opened the door in over confidence, exclaiming "You had me on the run for a second, there..." to look under my bed to discover nothing.

A couple of minutes later I walk down the hallway slowly to consider where she could've gone to, and as I'm lost in thought I feel a small hand jerking my sleeve towards the bathroom. I'm pulled inside, the door slams, I hear it lock as I reach for the light and then I feel a hand cover my mouth as she whispered into my ear "Leave it off." It was Jessie, it had to be. Then, I feel her hands frantic at my crotch, past my zipper trying to get passed my underwear...Could she be...? Doing what I think she is??? I felt her pressing her hips into mine really hard, as I just pull my pants down just enough for her to get what she was chasing. "Here..." I whispered into her ear, as I can hear her breathing heavily into my ear. I feel her hand reach down and grab my unit, as she positions herself in front of me, and then...

Hot, tight and wet, slowly, all the way down, until she got all of me in there. As Im feeling all of her vigorous, short, humpy thrusts, I cant help but wondering what made her impulse to this. After some moments, I pick her up and turn her around(in my mind we aren't even supposed to be doing this, so a quick end is satifactorial) and bend her over the sink, and cover her mouth and end it quickly. She giggled and I asked what was so funny and she replies "You lasted longer than most of my masters." Makes me wonder what the fuck is really going on around here. As she heard me fastening my belt buckle she told me to leave first.

I left, leaving the door locked behind me as I heard the water running and the light flick on. As I checked my watch, it was already 2:30 (I think I spent more time in that bathroom then what I thought) and went to the main hall to see the rest of our guests prepping to leave, and the the countess and ex dutchess are at the door.

I panicked for a sec as they both eyed me looking for Jessie as she popped up behind me.

Long story short, the deal was done. But the countess was feeling good, meanwhile, I'm tryina figure out how to get ready for another round, as the countess asks me to come to her study for "evaluation"...

We know what THAT means!๐Ÿ™„


Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 6th, 2019

Another client of the Countess (just how many people does she fucking know??? ๐Ÿ˜„)

Ms Penelope Wright, former wife of the Duke, now turned dutchess widow. She controls alot of the sales factor considering the whole farming thing. Huge empire. Some say she murdered her husband because he was weak. She allegedly switched Mr Wright's sleep aids with cyanide pills. If it was suicide, theres usually a reason ,or a note. He didnt leave behind anything. And she faked the whole grieving funeral thing, and skipped away with the money 6 years ago. Of course she has "business" the Countess.๐Ÿ™„ I'm realizing the more shady the character, seemingly, the more involved they actually are with this... "place". I'm not sure if it's TRUE or not, I'm just saying if it were, it wouldn't surprise me.

The Countess barged into my room like she normally does that morning while I was getting dressed in the blue suit she picked out for me, dancing around, letting her blonde hair flow behind her as she spun around my room in her frilly, dark blue fluffy dress, proudly proclaiming about how she finally landed an audience with the dutchess after YEARS of scheduling and rescheduling, and how much it was going to aid her..."business". (sex slave trade is NOT a business๐Ÿ˜„)

Countess: "LEO-FREEEEED!" *She sang airheadedly* "Do you know what today is?"

She didnt need to remind me. She only etched it into the back of my head for so long, who could forget?

Leo-Frederick: "Your business meeting with the dutchess?"

Countess: "Sharp as ever, my dear. Your accuracy is just marvelous. Now, you know what you're going to do tonight?"

I hated whenever she'd ask that question. Itd normally be something sex related. NOTHING along the accords of what I had in mind at that particular point in time, NEVER. But, taking a stab, it was fucking somebody's daughter or some shit...

Lf: "Entertaining one of the ex-dutchess' guests?"

C: "Yes, but not quite. You will be survaying her onhand. I want you to show her a little bit of how houses work, being that, you know, they have less resource then we do."

Lf: "Okay. Anything else?"

She walked over to me and got in my face. Straightens out my tie, and dusts off my shoulder.

C: "Yes. I need you to remember that this important for me, and will benefit you tremendously as well if provided, things go smoothly..." *As she gently caresses under my ear and my neck*

I recognized that look she was giving me. She might wanna do SOMETHING after the party. (Can you guess???)

Lf: "I'll take care of her."

C: "Good. Party starts at 7, don't fuck up, or ellllllse" *she sang ,dancing on her way out of my room*

I checked my watch and it was 6:45. The guests would be arriving soon. I prepped for the evening, and walked out to the balcony to watch the beautiful sunset this manor showed to smoke a cig. I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE these parties (even though some deep, dark stuff goes down here) as opposed to when I first got here. I remember alot of her clients, and the laughs. I remember the fights we used to get into. I often times look back and think about my "Freedom" (before the Count caught me I was just a lowley thief. But a happy one) and wonder what I'd be doing now. As the sun set further, eventually the night began and the party livened up. As it picked up I finally decided to make an entrance, as I knew I was early, awaiting the Countess and the Dutchess to arrive. As I go downstairs to see the usual partygoers, I see a couple of faces I'd remembered from my days as a thief.(People I had ripped off back then) One was a big burly man, with long hair on his head and his face. A man from the DC region, a descendent of mr Smith himself. I had pickpocketed a couple hundred from him while he was drunk at a poker table. He didnt remember me, but I sure as shit knew who he was.

He called out to me, and at first, I was nervous, but found out soon after, for no reason at all.

Big Burly fellow: "Hand! Hand hold conversation with me, a quick word if you would please."

Lf: "Sir Smith." I Nodded in acceptance to his request.

BBf: "So, you belong to the Countess, correct?"

Lf: "Depends on what you mean by, "belong".

It made the crowd laugh. I knew why they were laughing, but I was 100 percent serious.

Bbf: " I can see why she chose you. And where might our hostess for the evening be,hand?"

Just then, the Countess shouted from atop the stairs

C: It takes time to get prepared, you know. Beauty such as mine can not be replicated."

Everyone applauded as she came down the stairs to finish her announcements about how this was an important milestone in our history, and all kinds of ther things. As the night continued, I watched as the Countess began to stir with anxiousness as her guest of honor had been fashionably late. It was about 10:30 when the butler walked in to announce that the dutchess of York had arrived.(ex dutchess)

Ms Wright was a short, bigger woman with long brown hair and clothes that look like they were expensive knockoffs (you know, Walmart dresses vs custom taylored???) And next to her, an even shorter woman with long brown hair, and a dirty face. You could tell she was a hand. Her clothes looked generic at best. She kept her head low as the the Dutchess and Countess squabbled about like hens in a coop. I walked up to introduce myself before the Dutchess shouted at the girl.

Before more abuse could continue, a slipped in with a variable of directional focus.

Lf: " Ms Wright, allow me to adjust this misconfiguration. You're a busy woman, you have bigger things to discuss, am I correct?"

She stopped in the middle of her rage stricken trade and adjusted her attention towards me before she looked around the room to notice she was holding everyone's attention.

Dutchess Wright: " You know hand, it is impolite to interrupt superiors when they're speaking."

Lf: "And to keep this error from occurring we have to address the issues, so long as they are discussed beforehand."

DW: "I like the way you think. Tell me hand, who is your --"

Before she could finish the Countess intervened, giving me the eye of approval, because by now she knew I could read Ms Wright for not being so intelligent, and easily distracted. This blank space made room for the Countess to set the stage and seal the deal. The countess said "I taught him well, havent I?" The Dutchess was infact impressed. They got on with the introduction as they made their way towards her study. Meanwhile, I looked at the girl to see where her attention was as I escorted her to the kitchen first.

"So!" I opened with. "Welcome to the Countess' manor. I'm LeoFred. What's your name?" "My real name is Jessie..."

She squeaked. I wanted to ask her about her life, but all I wanted to do was get her to a point where she could be comfortable, instead of living in fear of what others think and say, because being here it was almost inevitable for her. But I understand, being overwhelmed at times. I asked her if she understood anything going on right now, and she told me all she knew is that if she wanted to get her mom to a hospital, she was going to have to work for it and being a hand sounded like the best way for her to do so, so, she had to go with the ex dutchess as par agreement. I said "that's good enough, let me give you a tour of this place." I took her past the chef's in the kitchen and made my way to the back freezer, and grabbed us some ice cream. She said she wasn't allowed to have anything unless the dutchess said so, and I said "You can have all the ice cream you can stand.Just don't tell anybody." Her eyes lit up. After that, I told her I'll show her around some more, and she started opening up a little bit more. About her mom, where she was from. She started asking questions about me, and how I got into this place. Then, I showed her the backyards, the stables, the maze, then the pool. We finally got back in and I figure enough time had passed with the countess, so I went to the study and told Jessie to stay put so she didnt get in trouble. I opened and went in to find the countess and the ex dutchess sharing a bottle of wine, with books scattered everywhere and their shoes off. They were getting nice and cozy, I assumed they weren't finished.

The countess stopped as they were having a laugh midway through and said excuse me, as she walked over to talk with me.

"I assumed you were finished" I said almost whisperingly, she said "not too tough, just a little while longer." I said "Can you rough estimate for me?" And she replied "about an hour, two hours if I want to be safe, so hold until then please." as she hurried me out of the room.

J: " Is it over? Are we leaving? I was having so much without her..."

Lf: "Actually they're going to be busy for a while longer. Here, I have an idea. Cone with me."

I showed her to the walkway upstairs where you can see the entire ballroom.

We talked more and more until boredom struck, and she popped up in the middle of conversation to ask "Wanna play tag?"

I thought it silly to play such a childish game as adults, but simultaneously, remembered the spark inside, and how we were both kinda just stuck here.

I turned to her, looked her dead in the eyes and said confidently,but calmly "Yes".

Posted by FreedomMagnum - June 28th, 2019

For once in my life, I'm actually having a hard time with it all...

I've passed up multiple chances for happiness, fatherhood, stability, fame and fortune. I guess when I really think about it, it's kinda my fault for carrying a poor disposition about it... but I blame looking into profiles, and overdoing it. Seeing where a conflict of interest lies, and skipping ahead to figure out why the humans way of thinking, and direction of said thoughts, stop so short. Thus ultimately, limiting me by default. I'm not really into lying to people just to get what I need. I feel like being brought here, life OWES me that little. The truth is, no one's promised anything. I feel like that's the problem, we step into waste deep shit, and just shovel it aside into a bigger pile for the next person to end up stepping into on arrival, we don't care, and bring MORE shit to add to this already mountain high pile of bullshit. Jameel was right. We NEED higher IQs in order to maintain structure. Not that animals aren't peaceful, like I said they have their OWN way about going about things.

I'm trying to get passed all of this arguing. I don't mean to cause another, but simply existing is enough. But I am unsatisfied with not only the way things have gone, but the way we carry on with it. (Sex war, Race war, Age war, ect) To me it's all so senseless...SO fucking stupid...

And "dad" says fuck it all, cuz none of this shit matters anyhow...

I lack interest in this place. But, if my lust was a natural one, what was natural about sin anyhow? I'm upset...not only with my life, but life here in general has been nothing but a gigantic shit show after another...

I guess maybe I'm a fool for hoping it would end, but, humans opened the box. See, here's where the mix up lies. Everyone knows the story goes hope was the last out of the jar. No, hope was coupled with all the evils because hope never stood a change against knowledge. It's like trying to compare a "what-if" to a solid fact. "Well, what if I tried a spin on an original formula?" (You changed the formula based on the ingredient incorporated, or fucked it up worse) vs, the directions are right here, no need to guess. It was Zeus' way of a joke. Not that humans were smart enough to figure that out anyhow...

I find it difficult to even make up something. Even the stories running right now don't hold my interest...

Fuck, how do I change this?? Is it frame of mind, or physicality??? Is it hatred, or love??? Or a twisted mix of the two?

I'm so bothered that I cant find a way out... stuck in limbo, watching ghosts just moesy on along...

Fuck. I miss getting off after a long day of work, and coming home to my best friend and his family in MY house, and drinking beer. I miss having my own shit, I miss my baby( and her momma, really, she coulda came to live with us) I miss my music, I miss my money, I miss my car, and my cat (lol fuck ALL of you, she was MINE damnit) I miss robbing the bank, I miss my mountain of awesome games, I miss life....

Posted by FreedomMagnum - June 22nd, 2019

What kind of world do we live in

Where weird is normal?

What kind of life do we live

When going diagonal gets it straight?

Its Fucked up

I'm fucked up

Now everything's okay...

Opinion is far from fact

Everyone is doing THEIR best

What is a rat race?

War to my front door, I don't care who's there

I'm nuking the place

Live to see another day

Just to say

Its fucked up

I'm fucked up

Now everything's okay???

Smile and pretend

Turn around Tomorrow, do it all again

Lose and gain a friend

All in the same swing

Who's to justify a thing

Or take the blame for starting

Getting fucked over because

Of misunderstanding

Pick the apple from the tree

Take a bite and you will see

The construct of infinity

To fuck yourself while telling me

Its fucked up

I'm fucked up

Now everything's okay...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - June 9th, 2019

It begins...

Neo-city in ruins, watching as the last few bystanders either scrambled for their lives, or hid in waiting to see what was going to happen.

I stood quiet amongst the ranks, waiting for dad like everyone else.

Armor shining, flamethrower huffing...

The wind pushing out doubts in my mind, tickling my face, reminding me...No longer anxious or nervous, the fear dropped out as I'm overtaken by this feeling of....righteousness.

The abomination army stood fast, eyes glowing, mouths drooling in all its false glory. Dogs on leashes, barking. A horde of undead as far as the eye can see. Even the devil was beautiful, as I could hear him rallying his army off in the distance, standing tallest over the other monstrosities he created...this was it.

I look over to the rest of the angels prepared for this moment, all doning their god given armor glistening in the sun. A group of Taurian warriors stood out infront, sharpening their Longhorns with Taurian mages molding mud golems, a couple of Aquarians paired with Geminian warriors, all flying aloft holding their guns and scythes ready, some Aries' brandishing fire based weaponry, Saggitarian Mages readying arbalests, cannons and catapults with special arrows and ammo only Saggitarian warriors can carry/make. Below me I could feel Virgoian and Piecian mages lurking, mixing magic to perform the land shark maneuver, Cancer and Scorpio warriors bolstering ranks, butting their weapons against their armor dominantly. Even a few Leo fighters here and there pulling the wolverine pose. And in the back, some Capricornian and Libran mages were prepping their medkits, as some ArchAngels have chosen the oldest way to fight in a war, riding horses. A few Seraphim ahead of them, sharpening their spears, resting their wings. But as I see them, I can feel them feeling my observational glimpse and returning the look, seeing into my soul and finding the same trust I place in them.

And with a lightningbolt and a terrific crash of rolling thunder, God appeared. I watched as he looked at everyone else, and then me last as he turned to lead the charge. We waited patiently, then horns sounded. The warriors hauled at blinding speed towards the enemies, then the vehicles started mobilizing...

Here we go....

I do what I do best and took to the air to meet HER again. But this time as she pulled that sword, it wasn't accompanied with that "playful let's test each other" feeling. This time I actually felt threatened, and immediately switched my thought process to murder mode...

And then Lilith appeared...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - June 8th, 2019

The calamity....

Sheesh, I finally got a moment...

"Dad" says earth's not worth it, throw it away...Hes earthed me twice now, I don't wanna go through it again...

I'm tired of losing people I care about...

And realistically, its probably just fine.

No one to blame ,right?

I'm not ashamed...

I'm designing blueprints for a new ship for the pirates...

Im gonna break the pillars, but in my spacestream...

They have every right to be excited.

They want to fight, even though they don't have the strength to win the war...

I'm also not alright casting people into doom...

But, its their choice...

I'll finish tonight.

We should be stocked and docked by morning if I continue. And after I upload the blueprints I'm gonna slip back to hell for a second. By the time I get back with the new system and tools, the nanocells should be completed with construction of...