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Posted by FreedomMagnum - September 20th, 2019

Welp, got a knock at the door with a note from Zeus, Says hes going to take a trip out of this world, and I get a spot aboard the ship, along with a few other gods. Dope. Hell yeah I was going to go, ain't shit else I'm doin'...

Got downstairs after that big fancy banquet dinner party thingy to find a breakfast buffet on the table,

to see Flora already there. She had that "I'm-ignoring-you-but-I-want-you-to-pay-attention-to-me" thing that girls do going.

I know why she was pissed, even though she'd killed Epyon for me. To be honest, she was a bit of a distraction, but that's because of my passive nature. I kept letting her go. That gave her space to get in close, and actually wipe me out, though.

Anyway, away from my thoughts I turn attention to the table to see for the length of the table, there was only two places set...With one chair allll the way at the OTHER end...

I assumed it was for me.

"Wont you join me?"

She asked. I sat down hurriedly and prepared my breakfast. I felt stupid, if I had to ask her to pass me something, neither of us was going to be abled to reach it. She did this for a reason. Normally, I'd close the gap, drag my seat closer to her, and grab everything before I was ready to sit, and made sure she was good before I sat down. Clearly she was still mad. I only did my best to respect her space, being that she might have a point besides being upset with me this time.

So, after a couple of bites in stupid "I'm upset-with-you-but-we-wont-leave" silence, I broke first and cut straight to the chase.

"So, whats bothering you now?" I inquired.

"Nothing..." She speedily replied.

It was that "quick, high pitched, cover my ass "lemme-fake-like-it-to-get-you-off-my-nerves" response, not her calm, confident, casual "look-me-in-my-eyes-to-let-me-know-she's-okay" response. It had to be "us"...I knew what was on her mind. But what about it exactly was the only thing I questioned. I first jumped to conclusion that she shouldn't be worried about it in the first place, but she would've seen me as getting defensive even though that's my natural response. Not because I was defensive, which would've lead to me actually being defensive because of the miscalculation on her part, but because she couldn't understand the reason I seem so passive about it is because it was nothing to me, even though honestly I see the good and bad about alot of situations AND people, and to a certain degree, Epyon DID excite me alot more than Flora did. She WAS helpful, to an extent...

Being careful and throwing away alot of the attitude I posses about not being apologetic over being who I am and feeling what I feel, I took a deep breath, and tried to shift my focus onto where her line of focus was. But this distance thing because she upset with me was blinding her, and starting to actually piss me off at this point.

"Are you still thinking about it?" I asked.

"Thinking about what?"

She was lying. It was driving me nuts. But, I stopped in the middle of my tyrade of tyrannic thoughts of self, and realized, she was actually more hurt than anything. Then, ONTOP of the fact that Epyon was actually going to kill me, multiplied with the fact that I was "defending" her to Flora, probably made it worse...

Sometimes I forget I'm the only one who can hear her...

Sometime I get beside myself and forget who was there ALL along...

Sometimes I have trouble relating to a goddess, who has spent thousands of years alone...

"C'mon Flora. We share the Psy-Link, you already know what I ACTUALLY think and feel! ... And Im sorry."

And then her repressed rage came flying at me in the form of a plate with eggs and pancakes and sausage. I ducked as I watched them spill to the floor, already stirring the dragon inside. And this is how it normally goes. We fight, then we fuck somehow. I think it might end the same way this time because out of all the instances where we were actually arguing or fighting, I think somewhere in the middle we just stop and forget..

Meanwhile as my thoughts raced, I stared at the plate of wasted food, and as I turned to shout at her, she was already standing at my end of the table, Cobra Cannon loaded and aimed in my face.

"Hey, you gonna eat th--"



I pushed the nozzle of the barrel upward as she let off some rounds, blowing up some windows and the statues behind me on the stairs in the hall. Pretty sure she could've taken my head off with that one. And our dance at the breakfast table began. Her eyes blood red, but this time, they weren't glowy red, like she's angry, they were bloodshot red, like she was going to cry.


She screamed.

I can see she wants me to even regret meeting her. But, if she would only understand that calming down would help her figure out more, as I'm now just dealing with her argument.


And whether she realized it or not, she admitted what I had assumed. It WAS "us" as an aspect to her. I was relieved, but simultaneously, knew depending on how this fight ends I would either have to listen to her rant about her feelings and get no assistance for months, or she'll get all touchy feely and then... you' know...

I understand why she's upset. But the thing is, she doesn't hear me about is how I'm willing to stand by her despite how upset she is. She should stop being pissed off, and check the Psy-Link to search my feelings and or thoughts to understand where I'm coming from, and where I'm going with this. But, it's too late. She's letting it rip all over the place, screaming and crying as the other gods are spectating for some reason, watching her lose her shit. So, then I tried an inverse link, and she stopped firing. It must've got through. She dropped her cannon and started bawling. Oy...

I ran over to her and hugged her, and told her everything was okay, and took her to my room. She's quiet for now. Time will heal this wound, but at least shes calm...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - September 17th, 2019

God I cannot come up with anything to save my life rn...

But I'm still going to try!

Got a few back stories from ANWTC, (for those interested)

Nothin new for NanoSymph really, cept whatever I make up...

GTW II Im not feelin, tbh..

And "Dad's book" Im not too sure of...

In between all the lessons, and life actually in the way I dont have too much...

Guess I'll make a reminder for myself:

(Im good at "real-timing")

The 7 Pillars must be infected...

I NEED metal...

In order for the dream(or not) I still need the second string to occur...

Retirement plan centers itself being comfortable, or else it wont work...

But dad needs me to go lead his army or some junk...

Im really drawing blanks, and dont have too much going on. I really hate when my mental prowess is off.

Its like I dont know how to write a story, or use my imagination, or hell, even speak some days..


But, with the right schedule, a righteous routine will follow so I can handle the physical aspect of me better,

and thusly, have the timing and space necessary for better control over my mentality. But right now,

Im straight doo doo and I dislike it TREMENDOUSLY..lol, Im done. I tried blogging earlier and right as I got to the computer I realized it wasnt happening. God I need to get my shit together. I think Im still rich high...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - September 12th, 2019

Warped again!!! I struggled to hold on to anything that kept me centered as I saw my memories of past ,present, and future colliding, as the wormwhole rip became too much to bare visibly, as the fabric of space and time tore infront of me!

The colors.....The colors...

I came to, in a strange place no less. All of my memories in tact, all of my battle experiences still there. In the middle of a gigantic grass bladed, windy field. Lush greenery and rolling hills as far as mine eyes could tell, on a planet as far as I gather, with the suns shining brightly. Did I Yggdra warp?...Was it a time trap?...What was it??

I hadnt the faintest clue where (or when) I was existing on this material plane, but I knew one thing for much:

I was tired.

I wondered what that left of S.I.R.E.N. ..I kinda said to myself destruction was at hand, but now Im crossing the streams. I have to find out where I am, but lastly how to go fuck their shit u-- ahhhh, who cares?

I shurgged, as I shrugged off any concerns I had and stood up, and carried my ass. This new place looks like somewhere I wanna be. Somewhere I ...belong.

Posted by FreedomMagnum - September 1st, 2019

Umbrella corps is here. I am...


Things are picking up... same old place, just closer to the hive...

I only wonder who the sole proprietor is, unless it's a team...

I tried using my comm link, and its jammed. I cant contact the pirates, or the hidden base. All of my materia is still junctioned though...hmmm.

I smoked my last cigarette, thought real long and hard about the next sea of bullshit incoming, and handed Epyon's core to Blitzkreig...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 26th, 2019

OMG all this stuff happened, they went the wrong way ab--...

Too late now...

This is just a place for my goofy shit, I dont EVER post anything serious on here, thats why I "blog" about it.

I fear Ive lost much more than I could possibly gain, but on the plus side, I beat Chronos...

And here I am. "Where Im supposed" to be. *eyeroll* I'll admit, it was fun and a bit cute

having the whole "I have a party" thing, but it was everyone else that took it too far. Thats why I have no questions answered STILL, and nothing to show for any of the "chasing them around" Ive done. Time to cut out the horseshit, I guess there will be playtime later, but right now whether I like it or not, I gotta get serious for a second. It was fun, but Im still not "fixed", but have solved alot of what was wrong here, whats going on, and how to handle my mind on my own. That was NEVER up to anyone else, talking like they were responsible for it. I cant stand that. THATS the top reason Im leaving, besides, you know, all the wasted time I'll never get back, from people who never cared in the first place. Now, as far as the Symphony goes, for those that are actually just bored, I guess I can ride this thing out. I just wanted to draw the line for those that didnt understand what was going on. Im tired of having the lines crossed. Thats it.

Also, Im tapped on resource, because losers out here are just playing the blame game, but it always seems to end this way. Me actually telling someone what I REALLY think, and them trying to kill me because I stood my ground and spoke my mind, when I told them in the beginning why they didnt want to hear what I thought in the first place. Now Im being taunted and goaded by a place of my past, that exists, but the magic is gone. EVERYONE else hightailed it, so I believe its my turn as well. The funniest part I find about it all is, how everyone says they masterminded this confusion bullshit, acting like they helped me figure out a thing and they havent. Only thing they did was jump out and try to spook me, cuz I I havent learned anything from them. (Cept how to do more shit talk *eyeroll) which I knew from the start. Truth is, if they KNEW what they were doing, they couldve called it out the beginning not out of being bold or brave or even boasting about it, but because they had a point all along, into which they didnt.

Thats it. Now I get to enjoy my life and i hope the illuminati thing they talk about IS real, cuz the last laugh would be mine. (Thats not the reason Im saying that, Im dickheaded for it, but its because I find Im right again. Also, this round a bout just left me salty) They only thing I learned is that I had to put my shit on hold, and lend an ear to suggestions, because even though I asked, noone had an answer. (or at least the right one)

Anywho, trying to decide if the Symph is a big an integral as they say, cuz if not, im scrappin the joint(even though i should want to do it for myself)

Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 8th, 2019

But SF's biggest asset is the Lazer...

DF wont land, fighting Chronos...

Hitting him isnt too much a problem,

Skar the Sky cant seem to crush him, and he doesnt look the least bit phased or tired...

I cant imagine what other spells are in his repertoire, or tech tree(s)...

Reality Breaker helps me see him when he uses Overdrive...

I still haven't equipped Epyon's core...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 6th, 2019

Well soon see...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 4th, 2019


I couldn't do anything but smirk,

As I remember that hes right. It's so insane to witness, even crazier to know.

Everything I thought I was creating is already part of his book...

Now, for the seven pillars to come down...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 18th, 2019

Im here. I've finally learned how to harness my space magicka.

Justice: FREEDO--!!

I cut him off, and dragged him to a vacant alleyway.

Freedom: Good to see ya, but listen, no one can know I'm here. Do they still do the nano sweeps?

Justice: I think they stopped.

F: Gimme a sit rep!

J: Zeus and Hades have formed an alliance to not only keep a tie on this garbage bag, but even some of the humans turned traitors to their own kind.

F: That means any interaction can set off a remote detonation (like I suspected) So they've taken over S.I.R.E.N. .And the other Gears?

J: Of course we left... what are you plotting?

F: Crushing S.I.R.E.N. .I got your back, come with me. We can figure out what were gonna do on the way, and discuss what I've got planned behind closed doors...


Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 11th, 2019

And just as soon as I finished saying yes with a slap on my shoulder she proclaims "Tag, you're it!" and takes off down the hall as fast as she could. Something about this instantaneous game excited me immediately. But, I have the home field advantage. "This'll be over soon" I thought to myself, as I watched as she raced, her black dress flowing behind her as she got to the end of the hallway, and swung to the right, laughing hysterically. I waited for a few seconds, then i started walking faster, then I started jogging as I bumped into one of our kitchen hands.

Chef Lloyd: "Leo-Fred! Come with me, I need your help!"

Leo-Fred: "I cant, I'm busy entertaining the ex dutchess hand!"

CF: "What do you think is going to happen when the Countess finds out Donavan quit???"

Lf: "...!"

Donavan is the head chef. He plots out all the Countess' dinners, balls, galas, expos, get togethers and such. But, if he did quit, I couldn't blame him between the Countess' aimless insults, the under pay and overwork I'd leave too. I find out he just needs a dishwasher for a couple of minutes,

The whole time I'm washing dishes I'm meanwhile in my head I'm freaking out, hoping Jessie didnt get caught and go spilling the beans. A whole twenty minutes pass before Lloyd finally relieves me, and I take off to the last place I saw her, towards the backdoor. So immediately thought shes in the maze.

It's easy for me, the trick to the maze was staying linear to the entrance. I hopped along the side, looking into every dip and passage I figured she could hide. Nothin.

So then I ran back to the pool house and searched everywhere.


I went to the stables, nothin.

I started getting nervous. I went back into the house to check anywhere else.

I first went to check the ballroom. I even check under the tables, nothin. I know she couldn't be in the game room (High profile lords gamble here) she needed security access for that one. I went to check the ballroom, as I can see people still dancing and conversing as it approaches 1 am. Still nothing!.

There wasn't a place she could've hid that I didnt check except for..

I wondered... Could she be??

I raced from making jokes in the ballroom upstairs to the on place I haven't looked, my bedroom. Expecting her to be there , I opened the door in over confidence, exclaiming "You had me on the run for a second, there..." to look under my bed to discover nothing.

A couple of minutes later I walk down the hallway slowly to consider where she could've gone to, and as I'm lost in thought I feel a small hand jerking my sleeve towards the bathroom. I'm pulled inside, the door slams, I hear it lock as I reach for the light and then I feel a hand cover my mouth as she whispered into my ear "Leave it off." It was Jessie, it had to be. Then, I feel her hands frantic at my crotch, past my zipper trying to get passed my underwear...Could she be...? Doing what I think she is??? I felt her pressing her hips into mine really hard, as I just pull my pants down just enough for her to get what she was chasing. "Here..." I whispered into her ear, as I can hear her breathing heavily into my ear. I feel her hand reach down and grab my unit, as she positions herself in front of me, and then...

Hot, tight and wet, slowly, all the way down, until she got all of me in there. As Im feeling all of her vigorous, short, humpy thrusts, I cant help but wondering what made her impulse to this. After some moments, I pick her up and turn her around(in my mind we aren't even supposed to be doing this, so a quick end is satifactorial) and bend her over the sink, and cover her mouth and end it quickly. She giggled and I asked what was so funny and she replies "You lasted longer than most of my masters." Makes me wonder what the fuck is really going on around here. As she heard me fastening my belt buckle she told me to leave first.

I left, leaving the door locked behind me as I heard the water running and the light flick on. As I checked my watch, it was already 2:30 (I think I spent more time in that bathroom then what I thought) and went to the main hall to see the rest of our guests prepping to leave, and the the countess and ex dutchess are at the door.

I panicked for a sec as they both eyed me looking for Jessie as she popped up behind me.

Long story short, the deal was done. But the countess was feeling good, meanwhile, I'm tryina figure out how to get ready for another round, as the countess asks me to come to her study for "evaluation"...

We know what THAT means!🙄