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Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 19th, 2019

The little I DO have...😒

So, the ones infront made 12 templates into which profiles (strengths, weaknesses ECT) all have a separate accord. From this I contrasted my own accord, what they had in common, and then what they didn't.

From what Ive found, there are two main bases that act as a driving force behind said selected "symbolist". ( house of associated starsign/sigil, and elemental property/interaction) Alot of the faults are self explanatory (although I dont like considering humans animal-like, they DO exhibit alot of particular habits/behaviors/traits said symbols express). Whoever outsmarted them knew the only way to keep control out of senseless hands would be to remove the one element giving them a majority of means. The animals, unfortunately lacking a mental drive to figure out such complexities had the earth ripped right from under them. Not that they'd know what to do with another element outside their "comfort zone". Even to feign ignorance, such DOES NOT exist as an option for them.

Genius if I say so myself....

So, my "dad" told me everything hes planning. Wiping out the ignorance of mankind ( it has to be hard and harsh turning down those you love and believe deserve love) but, I learned the hard way (but I asked for it) and dont have to trouble myself with questions of concerning faith or doubt, bearing witness to all the miracles all along. But before I get into more story, I gotta come clean first...

I dislike the fact that my efforts fail...

I feel like Ive not only failed father, but have failed my family, my children, my friends, and S.I.R.E.N. as well...

I can't stand how there's no way to translate to earth types about this bullshit...

I hate mankind for having the selfish, idiotic, ignorant, hypocritical fails of perspective they contain, without any knowledge on person, situation or subject they begin to speak about(most cases)

I feel backed into a hopeless corner...

And thats all I learned from mankind...how to fight.

While were discussing types and elemental alignment, I'm gonna go to earth. I keep tryin to leave everyone out of all the drama, and I think I'm mistaken. I think... I think they could be trying to fight too....

I think thats their way..

I always go above and beyond to understand humans, only to find these profiles are faker than tits and ass...

Anywho, a certain someone doesnt have to. Thats why I stopped, I was being considerate. She only gets half of it, the other half I don't want to deal with (I know whats coming, why it wont change, and why I'm going to lose that fight...not there has be one in the first place😒) Jaguarandi option now highlights in my menu when I scroll down. (To give a certain someone a little more insight to this fusion option, its basically a code breaker. Our fusion=virus to the game)

I'm bothered. Not so distracted by El Paradiso anymore. But, being reborn, I gotta do SOMETHING , right?

I cant believe I'd morn a planet that would sooner want to see me dead...😞😒😒😒

Kinda forcing my options on what to chose at this point😅

Anywho, I was chillin on cruise control, in stealth mode and as I roll over to look out the cockpit window I see what appeared to be a giant portal openeing right above neo-City. I could FEEL the anomaly about to occur, just like dad said... This twilight is both exciting and ominous. He wants me there, than Im going to go.

After everybody got on deck I could feel a sense of mature tension. Not apprehensive or anxious, but I get a vibe of "you know what to do" from everyone. We looked on, very serious yet observant. I still kinda cant believe it myself. A ringing in my ears told me everything... Pffft, yeah, sounds crazy alright...

Im trying to blog summore, but I find myself without the will to speak/type more. All I know is I have to be ready, and I am.

Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 19th, 2019

The origin of magic is based from science. Of course, mankind through tampering learned to harness said extraordinary prowess through all form of means. Drug induced phenomena/ "steroiding" the bioelectricmagnetic current, self inflicted damage to force generate adrenaline, cursed or enchanted items, religious fanatical trances(voodoo), psychophysical manipulation, ECT...

Having some of the most brilliant minds collected, The N.S.R.D.U. initiated the S.I.R.E.N. protocol, intended to not only help unify both the republic and government, but to spearhead mankind's grasp of such a mentally demanding objective, for safety and progress towards success from science and biotechnology.

It's through time that among man's practice of the art would eventually lead to the greed, lust, envy, and corruption that accompany them naturally. This story takes place towards the end of its first climactic arc. The dramatic tale of Naughtaisle, and throughout the choices he has made and his desicions per

situation, how he would single handedly change the both the face, and the fate of mankind.

Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 17th, 2019

Who's ready? I got all kinds of goodies and crap lined up, let's do this!!!

Posted by FreedomMagnum - April 12th, 2019

Slow...ly devouring...

On and on, further and further..

But real slowly.. More and more...

I wonder could Greed be the sin?...And I slowly become more and more swallowed by her.... "ambition".

I set it to rapey to keep her away, and all she can do, is continue,

To destroy you, to satisfy us both but, we know its not enough...

Giving her Nanocells was my invention...

I know Why I do it...

Because, for whatever reason she has for wanting it, she does.

We fight; I give in to her giving into me, I give: I get tingly because I can feel them breaking her down again

And her conscious enters me...

Her power, my shadow,

My power.

This radiance?

A reaction from this implosion inversed outwardly

From her denial,

Nothing else to echo off of

That hasn't heard it before,

and then the memories remind me,

Of how many days and nights we've suffered enough

Through cherades and parades of the wrong answers

And and always in the end finding out

we were right, how many times will we fall for this???

And as I return to make my point, find the parasite


My dick whole,

Fucking Me

Who is she???

To carnal sadistic hold?

I Skar the Sky while she Scortches the Earth

This love; Arcane it's toll

Eating chaos entirely,

Devouring, slowly

More and more...

Slowly growing agitated

With how much I enjoy

This caterpillar...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 18th, 2019

Can't see... Where am I???

Going back down...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 3rd, 2019

Closer and closer..

Dreams... Becoming reality...

My materia are returning on their own..







Fred Wayne




Posted by FreedomMagnum - January 29th, 2019

Noooooo, that wasnt meant to happen...



































Morbid engine... Dustin..

Not Austin, but I'm crushin,

So awe, some 

If I had roblox id be blushing

So much botox in that ass

When it bounce back, 

It's disgusting

Colossal nuts I'm bustin

Over this goofy girl, I'm gushing

The blaqheart spills instruction

But goddamnit,

Everytime I draw the line fuckas look at me

Cuz I like cussing....





I don the armor, I wear it proper

Buttface dickheads.... Fuck you....








Yeah.... Baby's gone..

Im salty.

Posted by FreedomMagnum - January 13th, 2019

Kinda want a cigy boi...

Lmao, I hate that shit...


Anyway.. Yeah, wow. Where do I begin???

Besides the latest tourney, and the war, and the space jump...


So, I'm back. So.. This is time slip, not space. Okay, so same realm, just further down the timeline. 

So, they retreived the prior lab data I had given them somehow and attempted to recreate a project of thier own. Instead, managed to create a legion junction hybrid, AND have it stolen...


You thinkin what I'm thinking??? Epyon is here....babys awake....


I sat, feeling the gentle turbulence of breaking orbit in my chair...still thinking of better days, being slighty picky about not remembering the worse ones... Recalling little moments I said id never forget... Mixed in with all the dreams ive been having lately I'm so distracted by el paradiso...


Forget earth, ya know?? Forget reality, forget this plane of existence.. Ive seen a place where they do get it, and LIMITLESS!!...For everyone...Rip Marcus, RIP mom, RIP Fred Allen...I Almost wrote a certain someone's name, but her and I would rather not.. Y'all know why... We dont talk about it....ya know?

I just wanna go get gud, you know? Why does it take so much?? And give so little shits or fucks, but why is that whats passed around? 


New enemy has warm wind... Has the wind chapter started? Why not??? The dragon chapter HAPPENED, why wouldnt this one?

Posted by FreedomMagnum - December 10th, 2018

In the Cockpit of the U.S.S. YGGDRASIL


Alright guys, here's the game plan. I'm taking Blitz, and we're leading the charge. You guys keep the ship on stand by near orbit breech, directly overhead. And DO NOT come out of camouflage untill I say so, got it???


I go down to the cargo bay and await the dropzone. They seemed startled that I'd be starting this.... "Senseless bullying"... To credit their understanding, they're right you know...


We finally get clearance to get the door open. Data and Digit are active and in contact on the psy-link, and all fangs hands are on deck. I was a little nervous, thinking that my impulse to fight could be wrong, until I saw S.I.R.E.N.'s armored front. I saw the director, accompanied by the neo countess, and behind them someone in a looser form of active camo.(I couldnt see him, but I could make out its shape.Its space magic. I think its a space mage) And hovering in the middle in mid air, was Epyon.


The director spoke into the PA, loud and clear:


Head Chairman of S.I.R.E.N.: Traitor! Lay down your arms at once, and surrender the NanoCore!!


Naughtaisle: ...

I looked across the field at the army posed to take me down. I hopped into Blitz, and readied myself for this awesome ass drop, but felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see all of the fangs dawning the pirate armor.


Lion Fang: Ready, Commander?

Naughtaisle: I said I go--

Snake Fang: Nope!

Spider Fang: Commander, we're scared too, but, were coming with you to fight.

Shark Fang: Besides, what good are we as a crew if we dont prove it?


I love my crew!!!  turned back around, checked my sub menus one last time and spoke to all of S.I.R.E.N


Naughtaisle: ...just because it has the S.I.R.E.N tag doesnt mean it belongs to this timeline or spacestream. It's NOT yours.


S.D.: Then you leave us no choice but to--!


His speech on the PA was cut off by someone with a rifle. Shot right out of his hands. I looked to where the shot appeared to have came from and to my slight surprise off in the mountains, I found the alter-countess. 


Naughtaisle: COUNTESS!!


A. Countess: Stop calling me that, I told you my name is Lynn! And go get that sunnuva bitch and stop wasting time already!!



I gave no warning or battlecry into making my decent. I sat in Blitz, got locked into place as the oxygen feeder and Neuro receptors auto junctioned into my skin and jumped.

My crew unloaded with Cobra Cannons as they dropped.

We endured explosions and direct critical hits into making our charge. I figured idbtake to my strategical advantage, by remaining aerial and as I climbed higher, I was met again by her...


I loved the way her shiny, hypnotized red eyes locked onto me, trying to see into the blackness that is my soul. There was a momentary pause, (her trying to analize me, and my feelings stirring into why this one is going to just get attracted to me again, after all of her attacks are going to fail) and then we rushed in. I couldnt help but get excited as I correctly predicted she was going for her laser sword first. 


Crap I dropped it. I'm gonna hafta do a part two or something, Im getting lost in her eyes or something...




Posted by FreedomMagnum - November 22nd, 2018

Trying to.... Tell you... Being swarmed ...b...by the kryll..









Dj Lemonade: "This is NCT Radio, where we cover everything music in Neo-City, no subject is taboo here and today, ladies and gentlemen we are joined by Neo-City's own rock stars, Metal Pig!!"


Freedom Magnum: "And we have GREAT news!


FM: Hang on a sec..." "*SNORTS*


DjL: "Dass right yall! Freedom, we know youre schedule is filled to the top with business, but please share with our loving audience why you guys came home today???"


FM: *SNORTS* "Of course babeh!!!

 We have a treat for you Dj, ourselves, and all you wonderful piggies all across the world!! We were out touring--"


DJL: "Uh-huh--"


FM: "And you know with all the Pirates/Ninja beef we had to get the fuck outta here."



DJL: "I heard of the controversey, but never got the full scoop onnat. What happened???"


FM: "We were doing a charity venue over off of harbor lane,  where only invites gotchu in."


DHL:" Uh-huh--"


FM: "So we figured it was "safe", you know??? Turns out, we were in the middle of our set and our manager comes out from backstage and says: "We gotta get you guys outta here,now!" We drop our instruments, b line it for the bus and wait further instruction."


DJL: "And thats when the Riot started ,right???"


FM: "Yeah. Turns out--... Hang on a sec

*SNORTS* --some ninjas used the actual charity event as cover for trying to lure out more pirates, but only found rebels. When the actual pirates found out, they started tearing up the joint in OUR name!"


DJL: "UNREAL!! I remember seeing something in da news about it!"


FM: "Yeah!!"


DJL: "And thats when you guys released that statement, right?"


FM: "Yeah, our manager is a handyman. Quick on his feet and well aware of his surroundings. But anyway, yeah, we dont judge. We love everyone evenly, fan or not were gonna treat them with the same respect. We couldn't have this fight that's got our city uptight being pushed in our name, because we dont support it."


DJL: "OHHH, okay. Wow, yeah, gotta be able to make dat point, these jokers is gettin outta hand wit dis shit. I know if a pirate or ninja ever rolled up to me onnat bullshit, Id be in jail right now."


FM: Sounds like you could use a good lawyer then. Anyway, so,  we're makin our way to Jump City. And it's four thirty in the morning mind you, and everyones sleeping and were out in the mountains, so you know there's nothing out there.Tzzarr comes barrelling into the bunk "Guys! GUYS! You gotta wake up and see this shit!" 

So, we get up real fast, go outfront to see whats up and we go to the window...


DJL: "Uh-huh-..."


FM:"And we can see a house in the distance, and the figure of a person. And a bright blue light coming from his face going into the sky. It looked like a firery laser. And so we wanted to check it out, as our eyes and ears are always up for anything new. Our manager Mr. Sharppe comes out and says we have a schedule to follow, and time to keep but we left anyway. After walking for about 15 minutes we get up the trail to hear the man screaming. As we get closer , it got louder. We get to the house and go around back to find this man...



DJL: "And that man is???..."


Naughtaisle: "I'm Naughtaisle, its good to meet you."


FM: "YEAH!!! The trick with the fire was he did the alcohol spray, and when he yelled at the same time, the flames would change color. We introduced ourselves and asked what he was doing. He told us he came to the mountians to escape the drama too. He sounded pretty gnarly, so we asked him if he considered a profession in making metal and if he'd cosign with us, and here he is. Our first prospect--... Hang on a second...*SNORTS*



DJL: Hey Naughtaisle, you have control of that fire trick right???"



N: "Hey c'mon man. Im powerful, not reckless."


DJL: "Okay. Im not trying to have the studio burned down over an interview, alright ?"


N:"Oh you're good!" *Laughs*


DJL: So Naughtaisle now that we gotchur attention, tell us a little about yourself.


N: Um... I'm 33, Ive been "screaming" for about almost 20 years now. I was engaged a couple times, and accidents happened. I was born in Newark and moved to Neo-City at about 17, and have been around since.


DJL: "Okay, okay. Betchu' didn't think things would turn out this way,huh?"


N: "I had no idea. I thought that night was just gonna be another night ending peacefully, catchin a good buzz and riding the night out, then pass out when I was completely exhausted, but then Metal Pig shows up in muh fuckin' backyard, talkin' business and shit. Now Im on a tour???? DA FUCK, Ya know?!?? *Laughs*


DJL: "That's wassup. Aight, I got one last question for you. What do you think of Neo-City's turf war going on right now?"


N: "Well... One way or another, it'll come to an end."