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Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 18th, 2018

We went into hyperdrive, and somehow got thrown into a time loop because when I awoke, I was in the tube again...Kinda like weapon X, except I had recollection of Mikey's jump, and across from me was Legion's experimental containment tube. I remember last time, this was supposed to be the part where I snap, but I didnt. A few things were... "different".


Short and sweet,  after all of the fighting stopped and the place was gonna blow(again) Data sent a proximity warning. I put my hand on Mikey's shoulder.

Freedom: "Hey, let's get the fuck out of he--"

He shoves my hand away

Mikey: "No, YOU get out of here!"

Freedom: "WTF?? I came all this way Just to get you. This ain' Captain America, dont Bucky m--"

Mikey: "I've already chose my side..."

I recognized the look he was giving the alter countess as she lay there, trembling. I knew what he meant. I stopped for a 

Second, then started hauling ass. Funny, even in an alternate realm I took the peaceful way out, and came to the same result as the other place. As Im making my way up the exploding corridor there was a room eminating with a bright green glow. As I ran past the entrance to the room I found where that light was coming from. It was the containment tube. It was hers...





I froze. My new BlueHeart stirred. I almost instinctively took a step forward to go break her out but then I remembered all the "pain" I caused the "other" one and stopped mid-stride. Another giant explosion rumbled the ground deep beneath us as my PsyLink is filled with Data yelling at me to get out of here...

She was resting so peacefully... Or chemically induced at this point...

It was difficult, but, I slowly turned, hoping she would wake on her own but, to no avail...


I stepped out of the corridor, and proceeded to follow the remains of disfigured limbs and the blood trail out to the lobby, and used Blitz to break the elevator and shoot to the top floor, as I got out to the roof where he U.S.S. Yggdrasil was waiting. I jumped exhausted, panicked and confused,  yet still somewhere in the back of my mind, safe.

Digit: Commander, are you okay?? What happened down there??

Freedom: I'm alright. But... Legion escaped...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 14th, 2018

Hehe, she has a big ass....XD


Anyway. I'm not even supposed ta be here, why do I have to make a speech?!?!


Good for me???





Anywho, back ta' slappin shit,

cuz I don't fuckin' like it. To my family, just stay away, these fangs are toxic.....

But, the reason I would send you away is because I love you, never hatred.

My BlackHeart stopped inking all over the place(Cuz that's What happens when a WildHeart dies) and became a BlueHeart...This is great.

Also, I'd like to make a welcome back roast on this peanut head,ole'

barbecue-joe-lookin-ass-security nigga....He got a pack a hot dawgs on the back of his neck, 

and a milk dud head. He looks like Ivan XD (Not that Ivan aint cool, I just cant stop making poison)

And looks like he watches in the heat of the night in his wife beater (the one with the grease stains on them)

 and some tighty withties, in a 70's brown shag carpet looking recliner, with those suspenders for his church socks, and cheetoes fingers... ...Get the fuck out of my face!!!

To my family, I love you all, but Im not sorry, and I'm leaving. Tired of regretting this life, this meaningful purpose...



Lost, Sun, anyone got any last words???


Lost Revolver: Yeah, no.


ShiningFomortiis: Damn...True!! XD TO THE DECK!!!

Posted by FreedomMagnum - February 18th, 2018

I will feed you...to the gravity well...something within, awakening...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - February 13th, 2018

Thrust back into.... whatever the fuck this is, I get up up to survey this grim, menacing landscape.

The sky blackened with smoke and soot, the ground pure and ripe with evidence of chaos clearly visable to any eye. Souless corpses, alive and animated, yet, decayed in the mind and body. I started walking in my shock at my new scenario, to what seem like a hall of some sort, with crumbled, cut pillars and crushed buildings all around. I feel a light grabbing on my leg. I looked down to see and dissected, brittle being, (it looked like Dom's wife after they found her in the torture chamber of the Horde headquarters) bleeding a funny, luminescent green liquid, reaching at me for (the shining spirit I have inside) Blackened eyes, and tortured and gored cadavers are all of what reamin in this...this....valley of limbo...My only question is , "Where the fuck am I?" I didnt let my mind linger too much, if this is the mk ultra tournament, someone definately saw or could hear me "portal slip". I knew not to dawdle around. Just as I turn to walk, my perephieral picked up a shadow, and I heard a wizzing past my ear, then a ping of of the stone pillar next to me. I summoned Phalanx automatically and waited for the next "attack". Then, another "ping" noise, as a kunai had reflected right off of my galant protector.


I called out in confidence: "I already know you're here. So c'mon and lets get this thing started..."


Morgue: "I know who you are, Naughtaisle..."


Me: "So, who the fuck are are you?!"


Morgue: "Morgue...Not that it's going to matter to you much longer anywhow..."


Me: "It's going to take alot more than shady, outdated ninja tactics and a spooky voice to stop me. Coward."


Morgue: "But here's what you you don't know, Im already killing you..."


I get it...his "schtick" is Sloth. I gotta watch my surroundings, he probably has this place boobytrapped.

Combined with a blinding shadow speed, and attacking me at night, he most normally would have the advantage in normal circumstances...Had  he been fighting some average, run-of-the-mill fighter...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - February 12th, 2018

Im so pissed off , I cant even confirm alot of this topic right now. So, not to spoil so much optop of that, the elder gods decreed that as current "reigning champion" that i have to return to defend the...."Title"... (like I have a choice)

What title? And why do they have so much say-so anyway?

I dont want to lose my life, to some staggering, bumbling idiot who's only chasing this stupid title for greed anyway...

So where's the competition from THIS time? Hell?! Heaven?!? MAGENTA QUADRANT?!?!?

I swore this was over...

Know what...


It's cool, whatever. Wonder what this years theme is gonna be...



Posted by FreedomMagnum - February 1st, 2018

Okay 2018, Lets just get right the fuck into this!!!

You'll have to excuse Flora, she's a little stingey, but I know why F)...




I cut through Legion with one last shot, giving it everything I had. The DragonFlameThrower pierced, and cut him starting from his lower left "quadrant", and up through to the upper right side of his "face". I listened to him shout in pain, as its limbs and mass of parts fell still burning, and caulderized the remainins. The blood and puss of its inards spoutings and dripping, as the pulsating pieces fell to the ground, oozing and twitching, still ablaze.


Legion: "BWAHHHHHHH!!! *GURGLE-TWITCH* Naughtaisle! ...We're one in--...*choke*... The same! *grugle* Whyyy?!?!?"

Naughtaisle: Well, simply put because this is MY story... I mean sure, in another time and place, you'd go uncontested in devouring the rest of the planet that made you. And Im sorry humans were careless to notice that their actions resulted in you, but, Im here. The only reason you were abled to get that far was because of me, so, righteously I would be the only one to stop you. If I were careless, yes, you would have been allowed. But, I DID warn you...

Legion: "*Cough-COUGH* Nn-noooooo gurglghgglgle....*pop*


Naughtaisle on the Psy-Link: Hey!

Data: Sir?

Naughtaisle: Pack up guys, ,we're done here!

Data: Aye sir!


I fly back aboard the the Yggdrasil to a combination of celebration and scrambling. I get my stride on (I like when my jacket flows behind me and I walk empirically *cheesegrin*) and get back on deck and instruct all hands to break orbit, and prepare for LightJump. 

Digit: Commander?

Me: You already know, set coordinates for the Frontier Line!

Digit: Aye sir!

Blitzkreig: Master, we've finished constructing the Dark Matter Warp Drive.

Me: I take it the test results were successful?

Blitz: Yes sir.

Me: Good. Let's equip it to the Boost Subtractors and get going!

Blitz: Aye sir!



Posted by FreedomMagnum - December 19th, 2017

The Fangs are finished loading up...


Data had to ask if I was okay,cuz normally I'm the first one on deck. I told her to get everything started without me, I'd catch up. I stared onto the horizon as the massive cargo door closed, and sealed tight, and air locked into place.

I turned as the last thoughts on my mind were about how this happened, whats going on with my materia now, everyone that died fighting, the scientists, everyone I've lost along the way, how much I learned after MK ended, the way the whole thing ended up and my current situation and how this "dimension" has no clue about the shit that just happened. My brain is a blur right now. And then I got a call from the deck, infroming me that all preperations were complete, and we've got a fix on Legion's location...

With all this shit on my mind  I tried to shut alot of it off, as I'm now more aware /cautious of how actions and decist of actions can both cause an unwatned reaction/event, much like this one. Am I really "helping" this place by stopping this monster devouring them whole?(Yeah, Im helping them be lazier) or ,am I triggering events leading up to another catastrophe like this, by taking no tact into calling the beast out in the open and exposing myself....

I don't know what to think, I dont know what to say, I don't know how to feel, and to make it worse I honestly don't care. None of this is my fault, but simultaneously something has to be done. Especially if you're going to have all that "power". But, I understand not caring/not wanting to really is the most of my internal/external fight about this. I sucked up alot of my doubts, looked around and realized I have one of the most badass ships on this side of the multiverse, and some of the most caring, strongest, most loyal loving crewmates anyone could ask for. They believe in me, so , why can't I???

Posted by FreedomMagnum - October 9th, 2017


Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 20th, 2017

I followed the trail of bloody, dismembered limbs and disheveled earth trail to a giant hole ...

The madness is down there... I knew this would get dark, just not sure how dark. See, the thing about living in hell is that, no matter who the individual, they're always going to have their own perspective... Dangerous thing, if carried too far, this edge called "respect"...


Enough travel time and I had finally arrived to find the Swarm, pacing amongst itself, confused by its own existense, cursing its own meaning, crying and lashing out at the same time, rolling in a primordial ooze of rot and disease...

Before I could ready my Cobra Cannon, it suddenly stopped, sensing something amiss.

I stayed in stealth mode and quietly changed my position.

This pulsating, maggot filled, snot spewing, limb flailing mass of devoured cluelessness was  reproducing itself , bleeding gross, thick, strange colored liquids and throbbing and cunvulsing, while screaming at the same time. I watched in horror, as the newmold of conjoined biomass began eating its former flesh encasing.

 For a second, I almost got grossed out by the smell alone.

This would be the perfect time to hit it. Risking exposure, but without hesitation I hit Blitzkrieg's real-time option, as the Nanobots drained out of our camoflouge and appeared behind me to help me steady my shot into what appeared to be the particularly exposed heart...


"Open fire!"...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - August 1st, 2017

Riding the lightning!

As Thor's hammer falls, faster than nanoseconds can explain

the amount of time it took you to blink, for a synapse to happen for the thought to occur

It's already happened, and already leaving

Your thunder couldn't stand a chance, as the speed of light always beat the speed of sound...


Pushing the wind!

As it pushes against me, making my human spine although upright,

seeming weak to the true force that is her wild nature!

I listen as she howls with me at the moon,

our pain shared, becomes the whip to steal the very breath you're taking!

Fuck your balance, I WILL knock you down!


Surfing the rain!

Feeling the rolling tide of Flora's bullets,

as the Tusnami created by mankind's ever-teetering balancing act had gone awry

restoring her uncontrollable power, targeting whichever desicion you come to conclude

Try to escape, as you're reminded her wrath you would've been spared, had you listened to her precipitated thoughts beforehand...


Dancing the Earthquake!

Moving along the plates, I can feel the pressure build as Fauna decides she's had enough.

"GET OFF ME!!!!!" she declares, for your prior fool hardy drunken steps are

now strides of terror, trying to flee the very thing giving you platform in the first place!

Tremble, as the fire she's left dormant deep inside begins to roar,

with awakening....