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CRAPTER ii:!:!::;; WTF!!

2018-02-13 20:06:11 by FreedomMagnum

Thrust back into.... whatever the fuck this is, I get up up to survey this grim, menacing landscape.

The sky blackened with smoke and soot, the ground pure and ripe with evidence of chaos clearly visable to any eye. Souless corpses, alive and animated, yet, decayed in the mind and body. I started walking in my shock at my new scenario, to what seem like a hall of some sort, with crumbled, cut pillars and crushed buildings all around. I feel a light grabbing on my leg. I looked down to see and dissected, brittle being, (it looked like Dom's wife after they found her in the torture chamber of the Horde headquarters) bleeding a funny, luminescent green liquid, reaching at me for (the shining spirit I have inside) Blackened eyes, and tortured and gored cadavers are all of what reamin in this...this....valley of limbo...My only question is , "Where the fuck am I?" I didnt let my mind linger too much, if this is the mk ultra tournament, someone definately saw or could hear me "portal slip". I knew not to dawdle around. Just as I turn to walk, my perephieral picked up a shadow, and I heard a wizzing past my ear, then a ping of of the stone pillar next to me. I summoned Phalanx automatically and waited for the next "attack". Then, another "ping" noise, as a kunai had reflected right off of my galant protector.


I called out in confidence: "I already know you're here. So c'mon and lets get this thing started..."


Morgue: "I know who you are, Naughtaisle..."


Me: "So, who the fuck are are you?!"


Morgue: "Morgue...Not that it's going to matter to you much longer anywhow..."


Me: "It's going to take alot more than shady, outdated ninja tactics and a spooky voice to stop me. Coward."


Morgue: "But here's what you you don't know, Im already killing you..."


I get it...his "schtick" is Sloth. I gotta watch my surroundings, he probably has this place boobytrapped.

Combined with a blinding shadow speed, and attacking me at night, he most normally would have the advantage in normal circumstances...Had  he been fighting some average, run-of-the-mill fighter...


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