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NanoSymphony Side story Origins: The Lab II

Posted by FreedomMagnum - March 18th, 2018

We went into hyperdrive, and somehow got thrown into a time loop because when I awoke, I was in the tube again...Kinda like weapon X, except I had recollection of Mikey's jump, and across from me was Legion's experimental containment tube. I remember last time, this was supposed to be the part where I snap, but I didnt. A few things were... "different".


Short and sweet,  after all of the fighting stopped and the place was gonna blow(again) Data sent a proximity warning. I put my hand on Mikey's shoulder.

Freedom: "Hey, let's get the fuck out of he--"

He shoves my hand away

Mikey: "No, YOU get out of here!"

Freedom: "WTF?? I came all this way Just to get you. This ain' Captain America, dont Bucky m--"

Mikey: "I've already chose my side..."

I recognized the look he was giving the alter countess as she lay there, trembling. I knew what he meant. I stopped for a 

Second, then started hauling ass. Funny, even in an alternate realm I took the peaceful way out, and came to the same result as the other place. As Im making my way up the exploding corridor there was a room eminating with a bright green glow. As I ran past the entrance to the room I found where that light was coming from. It was the containment tube. It was hers...





I froze. My new BlueHeart stirred. I almost instinctively took a step forward to go break her out but then I remembered all the "pain" I caused the "other" one and stopped mid-stride. Another giant explosion rumbled the ground deep beneath us as my PsyLink is filled with Data yelling at me to get out of here...

She was resting so peacefully... Or chemically induced at this point...

It was difficult, but, I slowly turned, hoping she would wake on her own but, to no avail...


I stepped out of the corridor, and proceeded to follow the remains of disfigured limbs and the blood trail out to the lobby, and used Blitz to break the elevator and shoot to the top floor, as I got out to the roof where he U.S.S. Yggdrasil was waiting. I jumped exhausted, panicked and confused,  yet still somewhere in the back of my mind, safe.

Digit: Commander, are you okay?? What happened down there??

Freedom: I'm alright. But... Legion escaped...