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Before I get into this

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 10 days ago

I wanna talk about conspiracies for a sec.(its the reason I'm upset right now) so Shannon,(really shouldnt be name dropping, but fuck a braindead bitch anyhow) thinks that she's"safe" from "illuminati" , not realizing all the while, everything shes ever done was controlled from someone else's will. Now, if she believes "theyre" in control, just how far would she get to "escaping its grasp"??? I hate the fact that this blind bitch cant see 5 feet infront of herself, but has the nerve to tell anyone else off when they try to answer the question shes asking....

Doesnt even realize she doesnt have any say so to begin with, she swears she doin the world a favor...😒She doesn't know what I know, as to why thats a bad idea. 

Fat fuckin pig, I cant believe I let her have sex with me!!! Talking about "love" (her stomach made this suction formation whenever I let her on top of me and her head was the WORST #gross)

AND just like every other whore walking, she didnt give a shit. I'm just struck in awe of the stupidity of it all. And to make it worse, when I had sympathy to turn around to help her, she crapped out and tried to commit suicide!!!!!!!!!(W...T...F!!!! Sound Like someone WORTH the trouble to you???) and all this whore could say was "I'm not helping you, because I dont care for the answer, goodbye forever cuz I'm a dumb fuck..."


But, justifiably, I can see why anyone that leaves her hanging and walks out of her life does it. Its because of her failure to listen on the count of her natural card being the hermit...i think its funny, she said she had spent most of her life "living under a rock" ...

Im only sorry for wasting my time, on this fucking earthbitch, not realizing the profiles shes using to base her judgments/desicions off of, were created, just Like hers, and shes doomed to repeat herself, because the people that care the most she walks all over, because she has an attitude, not because of logic.  Shes blames her friends for leaving her stupid ass hanging to where she got fucked up because of it, and doesnt realize shes getting ready to the same shit to her daughter...





P.s.: she swears I'm "illuminati" . but if I were, and I told her a cared, why wouldnt she listen to the guy "in it"???(I'm actually pissed cuz I gave a shit) sound like paranoia to you? I thought so too...if she wouldve just calmed down long enough to listen...