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Book 7 chapter 1: AVENGE!!!

Posted by FreedomMagnum - December 10th, 2018

In the Cockpit of the U.S.S. YGGDRASIL


Alright guys, here's the game plan. I'm taking Blitz, and we're leading the charge. You guys keep the ship on stand by near orbit breech, directly overhead. And DO NOT come out of camouflage untill I say so, got it???


I go down to the cargo bay and await the dropzone. They seemed startled that I'd be starting this.... "Senseless bullying"... To credit their understanding, they're right you know...


We finally get clearance to get the door open. Data and Digit are active and in contact on the psy-link, and all fangs hands are on deck. I was a little nervous, thinking that my impulse to fight could be wrong, until I saw S.I.R.E.N.'s armored front. I saw the director, accompanied by the neo countess, and behind them someone in a looser form of active camo.(I couldnt see him, but I could make out its shape.Its space magic. I think its a space mage) And hovering in the middle in mid air, was Epyon.


The director spoke into the PA, loud and clear:


Head Chairman of S.I.R.E.N.: Traitor! Lay down your arms at once, and surrender the NanoCore!!


Naughtaisle: ...

I looked across the field at the army posed to take me down. I hopped into Blitz, and readied myself for this awesome ass drop, but felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see all of the fangs dawning the pirate armor.


Lion Fang: Ready, Commander?

Naughtaisle: I said I go--

Snake Fang: Nope!

Spider Fang: Commander, we're scared too, but, were coming with you to fight.

Shark Fang: Besides, what good are we as a crew if we dont prove it?


I love my crew!!!  turned back around, checked my sub menus one last time and spoke to all of S.I.R.E.N


Naughtaisle: ...just because it has the S.I.R.E.N tag doesnt mean it belongs to this timeline or spacestream. It's NOT yours.


S.D.: Then you leave us no choice but to--!


His speech on the PA was cut off by someone with a rifle. Shot right out of his hands. I looked to where the shot appeared to have came from and to my slight surprise off in the mountains, I found the alter-countess. 


Naughtaisle: COUNTESS!!


A. Countess: Stop calling me that, I told you my name is Lynn! And go get that sunnuva bitch and stop wasting time already!!



I gave no warning or battlecry into making my decent. I sat in Blitz, got locked into place as the oxygen feeder and Neuro receptors auto junctioned into my skin and jumped.

My crew unloaded with Cobra Cannons as they dropped.

We endured explosions and direct critical hits into making our charge. I figured idbtake to my strategical advantage, by remaining aerial and as I climbed higher, I was met again by her...


I loved the way her shiny, hypnotized red eyes locked onto me, trying to see into the blackness that is my soul. There was a momentary pause, (her trying to analize me, and my feelings stirring into why this one is going to just get attracted to me again, after all of her attacks are going to fail) and then we rushed in. I couldnt help but get excited as I correctly predicted she was going for her laser sword first. 


Crap I dropped it. I'm gonna hafta do a part two or something, Im getting lost in her eyes or something...