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Here we go...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - June 9th, 2019

It begins...

Neo-city in ruins, watching as the last few bystanders either scrambled for their lives, or hid in waiting to see what was going to happen.

I stood quiet amongst the ranks, waiting for dad like everyone else.

Armor shining, flamethrower huffing...

The wind pushing out doubts in my mind, tickling my face, reminding me...No longer anxious or nervous, the fear dropped out as I'm overtaken by this feeling of....righteousness.

The abomination army stood fast, eyes glowing, mouths drooling in all its false glory. Dogs on leashes, barking. A horde of undead as far as the eye can see. Even the devil was beautiful, as I could hear him rallying his army off in the distance, standing tallest over the other monstrosities he created...this was it.

I look over to the rest of the angels prepared for this moment, all doning their god given armor glistening in the sun. A group of Taurian warriors stood out infront, sharpening their Longhorns with Taurian mages molding mud golems, a couple of Aquarians paired with Geminian warriors, all flying aloft holding their guns and scythes ready, some Aries' brandishing fire based weaponry, Saggitarian Mages readying arbalests, cannons and catapults with special arrows and ammo only Saggitarian warriors can carry/make. Below me I could feel Virgoian and Piecian mages lurking, mixing magic to perform the land shark maneuver, Cancer and Scorpio warriors bolstering ranks, butting their weapons against their armor dominantly. Even a few Leo fighters here and there pulling the wolverine pose. And in the back, some Capricornian and Libran mages were prepping their medkits, as some ArchAngels have chosen the oldest way to fight in a war, riding horses. A few Seraphim ahead of them, sharpening their spears, resting their wings. But as I see them, I can feel them feeling my observational glimpse and returning the look, seeing into my soul and finding the same trust I place in them.

And with a lightningbolt and a terrific crash of rolling thunder, God appeared. I watched as he looked at everyone else, and then me last as he turned to lead the charge. We waited patiently, then horns sounded. The warriors hauled at blinding speed towards the enemies, then the vehicles started mobilizing...

Here we go....

I do what I do best and took to the air to meet HER again. But this time as she pulled that sword, it wasn't accompanied with that "playful let's test each other" feeling. This time I actually felt threatened, and immediately switched my thought process to murder mode...

And then Lilith appeared...