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ANwtC Book IV; Chapter 21: Serve the servants II

Posted by FreedomMagnum - July 11th, 2019

And just as soon as I finished saying yes with a slap on my shoulder she proclaims "Tag, you're it!" and takes off down the hall as fast as she could. Something about this instantaneous game excited me immediately. But, I have the home field advantage. "This'll be over soon" I thought to myself, as I watched as she raced, her black dress flowing behind her as she got to the end of the hallway, and swung to the right, laughing hysterically. I waited for a few seconds, then i started walking faster, then I started jogging as I bumped into one of our kitchen hands.

Chef Lloyd: "Leo-Fred! Come with me, I need your help!"

Leo-Fred: "I cant, I'm busy entertaining the ex dutchess hand!"

CF: "What do you think is going to happen when the Countess finds out Donavan quit???"

Lf: "...!"

Donavan is the head chef. He plots out all the Countess' dinners, balls, galas, expos, get togethers and such. But, if he did quit, I couldn't blame him between the Countess' aimless insults, the under pay and overwork I'd leave too. I find out he just needs a dishwasher for a couple of minutes,

The whole time I'm washing dishes I'm meanwhile in my head I'm freaking out, hoping Jessie didnt get caught and go spilling the beans. A whole twenty minutes pass before Lloyd finally relieves me, and I take off to the last place I saw her, towards the backdoor. So immediately thought shes in the maze.

It's easy for me, the trick to the maze was staying linear to the entrance. I hopped along the side, looking into every dip and passage I figured she could hide. Nothin.

So then I ran back to the pool house and searched everywhere.


I went to the stables, nothin.

I started getting nervous. I went back into the house to check anywhere else.

I first went to check the ballroom. I even check under the tables, nothin. I know she couldn't be in the game room (High profile lords gamble here) she needed security access for that one. I went to check the ballroom, as I can see people still dancing and conversing as it approaches 1 am. Still nothing!.

There wasn't a place she could've hid that I didnt check except for..

I wondered... Could she be??

I raced from making jokes in the ballroom upstairs to the on place I haven't looked, my bedroom. Expecting her to be there , I opened the door in over confidence, exclaiming "You had me on the run for a second, there..." to look under my bed to discover nothing.

A couple of minutes later I walk down the hallway slowly to consider where she could've gone to, and as I'm lost in thought I feel a small hand jerking my sleeve towards the bathroom. I'm pulled inside, the door slams, I hear it lock as I reach for the light and then I feel a hand cover my mouth as she whispered into my ear "Leave it off." It was Jessie, it had to be. Then, I feel her hands frantic at my crotch, past my zipper trying to get passed my underwear...Could she be...? Doing what I think she is??? I felt her pressing her hips into mine really hard, as I just pull my pants down just enough for her to get what she was chasing. "Here..." I whispered into her ear, as I can hear her breathing heavily into my ear. I feel her hand reach down and grab my unit, as she positions herself in front of me, and then...

Hot, tight and wet, slowly, all the way down, until she got all of me in there. As Im feeling all of her vigorous, short, humpy thrusts, I cant help but wondering what made her impulse to this. After some moments, I pick her up and turn her around(in my mind we aren't even supposed to be doing this, so a quick end is satifactorial) and bend her over the sink, and cover her mouth and end it quickly. She giggled and I asked what was so funny and she replies "You lasted longer than most of my masters." Makes me wonder what the fuck is really going on around here. As she heard me fastening my belt buckle she told me to leave first.

I left, leaving the door locked behind me as I heard the water running and the light flick on. As I checked my watch, it was already 2:30 (I think I spent more time in that bathroom then what I thought) and went to the main hall to see the rest of our guests prepping to leave, and the the countess and ex dutchess are at the door.

I panicked for a sec as they both eyed me looking for Jessie as she popped up behind me.

Long story short, the deal was done. But the countess was feeling good, meanwhile, I'm tryina figure out how to get ready for another round, as the countess asks me to come to her study for "evaluation"...

We know what THAT means!🙄