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Posted by FreedomMagnum - January 20th, 2020

Let not this word obstruct you, for it is the purpose in which we make at the end that determines the cause for fighting, although humans can only see the fight itself...

Im rather frustrated. Dad says "whatever you want" and in turn im saying the same shit. No wonder im not going anywhere. As far as the whole "gotta come to Cali of all places to change my life" bit, the answer remains the same. Put god first, it doesnt matter where i am.

Looking back on it, I couldve been happier in Tennessee. (Really starting to miss that place) Got the job after one try, had a place to stay, life was good. I cant see why I came out here... Anyway, shit, I might even take some money and go to Arizona, that place was really chill.

Im only left with the cancel of excitement here. Earth is sorry, but from what I can see, about to be even MORE sorry. But the point rn is im at the fork in the road.

To get married, and hubble around the damn discrimination cancel of itself, or, kontinue onto destruction. It honestly feels like dad told me the answer already...

Meanwhile, almost got GTA II finished (all i gotta do is join a band now) in NanonSymphony Dopplegagnger tried to use my materia, and it backfired because inverse fixes all the fuckery (turned into an offset version of Legion, and is now DEVOURING Nano-City WHOLE, and I dont care to stop it. Didnt know you were gonna need my help, and now that you need it, Im nowhere to be found for even the slightest bit of sympathy

It was funny right? Fuck me, right? Cool, have fun being digested alive)

And Shining JUST died. I had to got allllll the way back to Yggdrasil just to consult Odin. He says I have to wait for Ragnarok, even though I expressed my sincerest respect to change the course and outsmart the tide, intead of butting my head against the fence like the ram...

And also, the Vamp story has a metric ton of shit going down, and I wont be abled to mix it up with a certain someone because of business. I know she might feel like its not fair because she "found" me, but isnt her boss in command??? Tell her to hollar later... rn, Big Boss Vamp is mobilizing a forces to counter the hunters, who are teaming up with werewolves and some of the taddle tale vamps(they call them traitors) that have been exiled for whatever reason. A half vamp/Franken type in thier ranks should prove uselful, as long as they keep my identity sealed for this kind of fight. Especially since they dont know I exist... i dont get it either, im 100 percent Frankenstein, a vamp fusion shouldn't prevail, yet, here i am...

But, perhaps it has to fall...So it can have a chance to grow, but have it grow DIRECTLY from the lifestream??? It would attract monsters... it would fall too again, right?..

I dont know...

All I know is Mckayla has a chance because considering earth it aint much here, and its just gonna be the same string of shit, no matter WHERE I turn....

But, Imma go put myself together first, and see how I feel afterwards...