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Posted by FreedomMagnum - May 28th, 2020

I hauled ass to where he was last seen. Downtown I believe, where the riots were. I finally ran into him as he got off the train to find him fraternizing with the local populace he had been rallying...

Freedom: "CHAOS!"

Chaos: "...Sup? Enjoying the weather? This is a lively city, isn't it?? So, guessing based off of your apparel you're not an average joe. Yes, my name is Chaos, and you are?..."

We walked to an abandoned building.

Freedom: "...I'm Freedom the gear."

Chaos: "Freedom the WHAT???"

*Laughing hysterically*

Freedom: "..."

Chaos: "Okay, okay, look. Why are you calling me out like you're upset with me? I don't even know you...

Freedom: "Chaos, I'm going to stop you..."

Chaos: "Stop me from what, enjoying myself? Who are you, the fun police?"

Freedom: "You got your powers from S.I.R.E.N. labs, I know what you're planning...I've seen it already."

Chaos: "Bro, bro, bro, you're spouting all this know how at me like I get it, I said I don't even know who you are!!! SO, why don't your feed me a little backstory to you're life, so I can wash down all this sorrow with something I can fit to logic around here..."

Freedom: "I'm from an alternate timeline, if your feeble little mind can accept that, where YOU, and a bunch of you're little gang members plunge this world into hell!!

Chaos: " *Mockingly* STARS AND STRIPES!! And shit... And because of that, you're allowed to start wars? You're mad because they gave me a voice? I am not one, I AM MILLIONS! Do you think you'd be having a hard time if you had been doing a better job???

Freedom: "... We're both from the lab, so only WE would understand that...and funny for a guy named CHAOS! You're only using them, you're power doesn't come from you! You manipulate them into believing the answers you want them to believe, not what they NEED!

Chaos: "So, back to my point, Freedom. Being one of the Gears of WAR, aren't we intelligent enough to come up with a solution, as you stand ready to fight? Cuz' if that's the case, shouldn't PEACE be out here FIRST?! And be honest, you don't care about them either..."

Freedom: "Heh... okay. You're right, no. I don't care too much for the fighting...But I've survived shit you can't possibly imagine, and I'm gonna bust your ass!! Normally, Idve left you to Justice, but he's not here eith--"

*Justice comes flying from behind one of the pillars in the broken room*

Justice: "Both of you, DONT MOVE!"

Chaos: *glares at Freedom* "...a friend of yours?"


Chaos: :"...So, I ask a question and get jumped??? You Gears sure do have a knuckleheaded way of going about things around here..."

Genuinely got my ass handed to me. For some reason he was just ready. My unorthodox style that I'm used to just wouldn't connect for some reason. He'd teleport, turning to a flaming smoke cloud and knocking the sense into me. I got flung into the wall, and as I started to recover he hit me with a pillar made of fire.

Space and fire magic... Pretty tough, this guy. Now I see how he can talk so much shit. These things I thought about as I fell through the floor and was met by a kick into the other wall.

Justice came through the hole I made with his hammer all the way in the air. He connected, but met with Chaos, ready again for some reason. His hand was burning from touching the hammer. And then the collisiion began as they started swinging wildly. Each swing and counter thrown blocking, colliding, landing... Yeah, they're pretty tough...

I wondered about his space magic, and how much magic he knows, as I was biding my time choosing my equipment as their fight picked up. By the time I came up with another combo,(frikkin atb bullshit)

I caught one of Justice's hammer swings countered by Chaos' punches and this particular punch repelled both the hammer and Justice into the pillar behind him and into the wall next to me. Chaos had won both these rounds.

Chaos: "...Gears of war are stupid!....We have enough power to make these people fight for us, or jump in rather....

And instead of figuring a mechanic that could actually help, we'd rather...

Freedom, I think you're just as diluded as your buddy over there...L8r, losers!"

Justice was on that democratic crap table's side of this argument. He's an enemy this time. Will we have to fight???