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FreedomMagnum's News

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 8 hours ago

Pops was right... Id never been to one of his "gatherings ", theres alot of HOPE for me....

I gotta be the one to see it through...

Into the point, Vlad was direct, (so it was short) accurate, and upset. Every point he made they cheered for, cept when they said an enemy's name....

I ran into Vegeta....

His bitchin ass, "Why do you have more fans than me?" Idk, and dont care... Why does that matter???

But, alot of the traitors exposed. They dont care for the well being of others, or our situation, or anyone else's for that matter.

They are indeed, SAVAGE...

Then, as I feel I understood enough of the briefing, I got called out right midstep...


Also, on a side note for cereal, MKULTRA 3 JUST started...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 16 hours ago

It was Doppleganger, hes just multiplying all over the place!!! This is WORSE than A.K.I.R.A.!!! Its like that ,mixed with a Hydra, mixed with Contra!!! Blitz, STOP SHOOTING YOURE MAKING IT WORSE!!!!

Meanehile, whos this chick?? Seems she can defend herself against this zombie type...

I almost threw her my cannon....

I have to figure out how to stop the cells from reproducing or everytime anyone does anything about it, itll get WAYYYYY worse than this little ..."infestation".

Anyway, I kicked open a church door, cuz I heard someone screaming. I get in there to see a female, seamlessly beating the price out of this "copy", but no matter times many times she earthed the thing, it just kept getting up. Didnt really seem to be in trouble, just couldnt stop the thing. Also didnt seem like she needed any help either...


Posted by FreedomMagnum - 2 days ago

Chillin in the cut

You know wassup...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - 4 days ago


Im not gonna stand around and talk shit, just gonna carry my ass..

Im not gonna front tho, I didnt have any plans untill now, because dad's orders.

New Ship:???

New Crew:???...

New objective: Nano-Infest the 7 pillars

Who knows WHAT that entails... Doppleganger pretty much has to implode, but Im seriously about to let him have his way with this place. I dont want any sympathy, Im a little distracted by my emotions in to handling the situation properly,(pissed off)

because of the amount of mistreatment and disbelief. But, for that much it just means any of them werent involved, or allowed to be. Alright guys, I'll have the blueprints up in a couple of minutes and will begin building immediately. We will be complete in a couple of days (three to be precise) and liftoff whenever HQ gets back to me, okay? Untill then, you guys are on standby. At ease.


Posted by FreedomMagnum - 6 days ago

Let not this word obstruct you, for it is the purpose in which we make at the end that determines the cause for fighting, although humans can only see the fight itself...

Im rather frustrated. Dad says "whatever you want" and in turn im saying the same shit. No wonder im not going anywhere. As far as the whole "gotta come to Cali of all places to change my life" bit, the answer remains the same. Put god first, it doesnt matter where i am.

Looking back on it, I couldve been happier in Tennessee. (Really starting to miss that place) Got the job after one try, had a place to stay, life was good. I cant see why I came out here... Anyway, shit, I might even take some money and go to Arizona, that place was really chill.

Im only left with the cancel of excitement here. Earth is sorry, but from what I can see, about to be even MORE sorry. But the point rn is im at the fork in the road.

To get married, and hubble around the damn discrimination cancel of itself, or, kontinue onto destruction. It honestly feels like dad told me the answer already...

Meanwhile, almost got GTA II finished (all i gotta do is join a band now) in NanonSymphony Dopplegagnger tried to use my materia, and it backfired because inverse fixes all the fuckery (turned into an offset version of Legion, and is now DEVOURING Nano-City WHOLE, and I dont care to stop it. Didnt know you were gonna need my help, and now that you need it, Im nowhere to be found for even the slightest bit of sympathy

It was funny right? Fuck me, right? Cool, have fun being digested alive)

And Shining JUST died. I had to got allllll the way back to Yggdrasil just to consult Odin. He says I have to wait for Ragnarok, even though I expressed my sincerest respect to change the course and outsmart the tide, intead of butting my head against the fence like the ram...

And also, the Vamp story has a metric ton of shit going down, and I wont be abled to mix it up with a certain someone because of business. I know she might feel like its not fair because she "found" me, but isnt her boss in command??? Tell her to hollar later... rn, Big Boss Vamp is mobilizing a forces to counter the hunters, who are teaming up with werewolves and some of the taddle tale vamps(they call them traitors) that have been exiled for whatever reason. A half vamp/Franken type in thier ranks should prove uselful, as long as they keep my identity sealed for this kind of fight. Especially since they dont know I exist... i dont get it either, im 100 percent Frankenstein, a vamp fusion shouldn't prevail, yet, here i am...

But, perhaps it has to fall...So it can have a chance to grow, but have it grow DIRECTLY from the lifestream??? It would attract monsters... it would fall too again, right?..

I dont know...

All I know is Mckayla has a chance because considering earth it aint much here, and its just gonna be the same string of shit, no matter WHERE I turn....

But, Imma go put myself together first, and see how I feel afterwards...


Posted by FreedomMagnum - 9 days ago







That leaves:









Everyones going through theyre own shit rn.....

I understand getting back up for them will be a trial all in it themselves, and itll take a lil bit...

So, Fenix wasnt even present, Fo' got put to sleep, and Shining was out of SP, so he went alone...

Meanwhile, Dopplegagnger tried to set him up, and steal materia he cant junction, because of the variant in equipment... the difference that give us the edge is that we have studied both systems, and hes only operating one...

He THINKS he can do what you do, but hes going to try again.... He might know about Naughtaisle, but probably split them apart to keep the tranform from happening. And I honestly dont what what its going to take to get flora back...But ,Im also not worried.

Also, the priorities in objective have changed. I managed to talk Fenrir into speaking with Odin, and Odin by tenure or scripture allowed me to gain this information. Shining is supposed to plant the Lunar Seed, which he has kept hidden for so long, Im surprised nobody is actually talking about that, but as long as thier distracted, good enough.

So the final stage is set: Naughtaisle vs The Doppelganger at the MakoStream!!!


(since hes "hunting" shinning like he says. But between you and me, that man can find no purpose for his existence, and thus will fail the extinguish him, being a goddamn carbon copy )

Posted by FreedomMagnum - December 13th, 2019


Heh, okay, youre right, I was nervous. So...

This place, I already gave yall the updates, there's just a little bit in the process that has to happen with me. Its called character development and growth.

So, after being detained by S.I.R.E.N., I come to find there's not as much animosity with "this one". A LOT of the officers/trainees and surgeons and specialists were all in attendance, doing their homework. So THAT'S what was up with all the staring. Theyre analyzing me...

What a relief!!! I thought I was crazy for a second there, but no, it's for real, even without the meth. Boom.

After some time in the lab they explained to me what the mission objective was, and everyone is waiting on me to command. This lead I have control over, I dont mind that it's asking me to think/act accordingly/ responsibly, I just dont feel the need for people to needlessly throw their lives away at the risk/cost of an error I couldve done my best to prevent. But, they dont listen. Theyre RIDERS, and I mean, I understand the mentality. Why not dedicate? Why not mean it? Why not fight? And yeah, they have every right to be excited. I mean, imagine being held captive by the things that oppress you for no good reason? You'd stand up and say you had enough too, right?

My presence /arrival symbolizes their vindication...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - December 1st, 2019

S.I.R.E.N. is here, no Legion, no labs, no tubes, no Epyon, no Mikey, no rebels, no ship, no base, but, doppelganger is here..

So, of course like always when this mutant, xmen shit breaks out, S.I.R.E.N. is there...

Long story short I got busted again after the fight spilled into public...

I have a partner now, and shes very serious...hmm.

I'm trying to focus, but bewildered by my hatred for doppelganger...

Posted by FreedomMagnum - November 5th, 2019

Okay, so it's common cause as usual.

I'm reporting live from the Battle zone, and Blitz and I ran outta rounds. Hes got three bullets, I've got one left. Heh, hes got battle damage, and shits blowing up all around me. People are getting smoked, buildings are collapsing, theres dirt in my goggles, and bullets flying EVERYWHERE!. These people were serious...

My face is dirty, my clothes are too, this is the longest we've been drawn out.

I missed the updates because I didnt always have downtime... I'm feeling a transform back there... Nemesis ended, the humans survived but the rest of the world died, the end (lol) hell yeah... fuck yeah!!! I dont mean to seem the oppurtunist, but for this to work, this fight in between the people HAD to spill out, and now I can see my position, vs what's going on after tailing for so long. (SO glad we're finally here!!!)

Found out why the levels are the WAY they are, but the culprit isnt to haubble over(I'll leave it to Justice)

And that's if he wants him. But my time here, for something else. Cant wait to get back, they are the best.

Let's.... DO THS!!!

Posted by FreedomMagnum - September 25th, 2019

YEAYUH, Hey, you know what I just realized? Ive managed to get my title when abbrev, to repeat itself.

Totally accidental. N.S.N.S. , (if I was racist, it would stand for NiBBas NiBBas... SERIOUSLY JOKING!!!)

Anywho, I touched down again. I realized the strength into who I am is what this is. But I also learned the pacing of this is slow so that people that don't/can't understand, have a chance to learn. So ,I'm limited to a fault, but I wish this weren't the case. So I'm doing my best to remove this larger number of fallacy and nuisance because it's really.....fatty. I don't need so much filler, and that's sometimes a problem because down on earth, that's ALOT of whats circulating. But I've been to "MAX SPEED" before, and don't remember having to do either this much WAITING nor deal with this much frustration and lack of substance. (From both my emotions and mentality) Id do away with these things because at said speeds, they're only a hindrance. SO, psychosis into the future it is. (That's how I opened the portal the last two times)

So we're removing both of these elements from the equation. Goodbye humanity, hellooooo figuring out how to deal with this shit way the fuck out here in space...(figuratively speaking, of course)

So, like I said, mankind destroyed the bridge that connected them to Yggdrasil...(Because we could only support teleporting ourselves when we the "diamonds" DID any kind of dimensional/ time warping) and thusly, the technology to operate it. They shouldnt've, but now they have to seek out those that can use this ancient tech. (I'm not giving them that they shouldn't have done that, that's another mistake they'll have to pay for because I too was almost stuck in the same mess they made when thought they knew what they were doing and almost got killed because of they're greed)

Flora's got some new tech, apparently (8-way tech, I didn't know, I think she modeled a system after mine )

I'll NEVER get bored. But, she better hurry up and steal whatever she has to...

As I packed up to go warping after figuring out my own teleport tech and how it works (wayyyy different from what that outdated ass manual was telling me) I realized that this was the end of earth's chapters. No more pirates to keep me company and share experiences with, or cheer me up when I'm down, or fangs to fight with me until the end of whatever battle that seemed hopeless. No more drinking and making fires and sharing stories by the moonlight. No more ship. No more people to look after/care for. No more family. No more concepts dragging me down...No more.

Upon this realization of schedule clearance, space to think clearly and time restored I only plotted my next moves wisely, as I know I'm a bit rusty. I'm not as fast as I used to be, and being in the negatives is going to take me a while before I'm operating at maximum capacity but I can get there. I am a lil' silly, as rediscovering my "secret" to tapping into my true power isn't with anyone else's hardwiring. They can provide helpful insight, but they cant see/ say what I've heard to know the things I do...

Meanwhile, me and Flora almost got into again...

She's mad 'cuz I look at other females. Of course my mind wanders, but I never let it go past that. And it's because of the difference of profile I wonder in the first place. If she weren't busy cramming her beliefs down my throat and would respect me for me, and understand I'm a human with a way of life without her FIRST, she could continue to meet me in the middle. But she looks at me like I AM a god. As I glance in the mirror realizing I've been tampered with by her hands in the first place I say to myself "I sure don't look it." But...

It doesn't stop her from getting in my face, and kissing me. It doesn't stop her from sharing secrets when we're in bed and smelling my morning breath. She doesn't slow down for a wink, and realizing this about her, my only complaint is she could take more time to get to know ME, instead of doing what she wanted. But there's where I digress, 'cuz of many reasons. Imma try Psy-Linking with her some more. There's alot I keep to myself (although some days I know she can tell I'm somewhere else) and I know it's gotta be the same for her. Maybe she can be my inside joke. Yeah, this is where I was before I "died" last time..

Heh.. I remapped out my plans, rechecked my latest set up and made sure this was the equipment I wanted before heading out, being that it was going to be a while before I will find a place to stop and check anything in that menu.

Next stop: Getting airborne!!